If you like my technique but you can’t find the perfect piece in my portfolio we can discuss the development of bespoke pieces.

If you are a professional interior designer in the early stages of a project give me details of your concept guidelines and time-frames and you’ll shortly have a concept proposal from me.

If you are looking for art for your home, restaurant, bar, hotel, office just describe your inspiration idea with some photos of your space and I will come back with some options to discuss.

Bespoke Artwork can be based on specific ideas, themes, elements, symbols, photos, drawings, landmarks etc. Colours palette can be created to match specific wall paints, materials, fabrics, furniture etc. Production can follow precise dimensions to fit your wall space and framing choices.

For any request please contact me at or use the contact form here.

About the printing technique

Originals are printed on a fine art Hahnemuhle German Etching paper and completed with a hand-finished layer of acrylic details. The size is 40×40 inches (102×102 cm). If the archival paper is not the right material for you, you can customise the material to meet your specific needs.

Giclée is a Fine Art printing process that takes advantage of the evolution of materials and methods.

The process involves spraying microscopic dots of pigment-based ink onto Archival high-quality art paper. Using state-of-the-art technologies artworks are created with unique sharpness, shadow details, true black, perfect grey balance, impressive mid-tones and truly vibrant colors. The aesthetic result completed with the use of high quality and heavy duty archival Papers like Hahnemuhle German Etching® 310 gsm (100% α-cellulose paper with textured and velvety matt surface) Hahnemuhle Photorag® 308gsm (100% cotton rag matt paper with subtle fibrous finish

Still looking to buy a limited edition print online?

I offer:
Limited edition of 10 pieces : 20×20 inches – 51×51 cm
Limited edition of 25 pieces : 12×12 inches – 31×31 cm

All artworks come with a certificate of authentication hand signed, accredited and numbered. Click here to select the one for you

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I’ve been drawn by the beauty of fine arts and the design since childhood.
Having an extensive career as a lighting designer and director of photography I took part in hundreds of architectural, music, dance, theatre and film projects. Worked with colours and shadows behind the scenes where I had to capture and highlight images of reality or transform them and create exciting sceneries and virtual environments.

Born in Greece, it was inevitable and determined for my work to be affected from the hard bright sunlight, the dazzling reflection of the rocks and the unique deep blue colour of the sky and the sea. I am fascinated with Einstein’s theory of general relativity that gravity can bend time and I feel that we are living in a four-dimensional space-time and i am trying even for a while to create escape paths from reality. Additional to this my passion for speed and flight, both offered me some totally different perceptions of the space and dimensions we are moving in.

I had the opportunity to travel and work around the world and through this exploration, I filled my mind and soul with unlimited precious experiences and pictures.
After two years in Central Africa, i am convinced that art always been essential to us but nowadays could also make a positive impact in the world in a more practical way and i am exploring actions about this.

I moved to London in 2015 and I am working on an ongoing collection of highly expressive and lyrical artworks combining modern technology with traditional techniques. My artworks are affected by my long experience in colour combination, light dynamics and composition.
Trough the interaction of familiar shapes, textures, colours and materials that surround us, new unknown elements are created. They do not exist in reality but our universal consciousness can recognize and decode them.

I am not afraid to mix extremely rough brushes with fine detailed lines and vivid bright colours with blue and dark tones. I can respect the perspective and at the same time ignore this rule of human perception.
While painting using digital tools my artwork often conveys the same complex layered effects possible with brushes and knives on multi-textured paintings. Experimenting with the latest fine-art print techniques and the variety of new materials I am seeking the constant evolution in this emerging art form.

If you need any further information or if you wish to ask for a quote for an original artwork please send me a message directly at I will come back to you shortly after.

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